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"Timing Is Everything: When To Apply Fertilizer Before Rain Hits"

Updated: Apr 9

The ideal time to apply fertilizer before rain depends on various factors such as the type of fertilizer, soil type, and weather conditions. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Water-Soluble Fertilizers: If you're using water-soluble fertilizers such as liquid fertilizers or soluble powders, you

can apply them immediately before rain or watering. These fertilizers dissolve quickly and are readily available to plants once they're watered in. However, if heavy rainfall is expected, it's best to wait until after the rain to avoid nutrient runoff.

  1. Granular Fertilizers: Granular fertilizers typically need some time to dissolve and become available to plants. It's generally recommended to apply granular fertilizers a day or two before rain or watering. This allows the fertilizer particles to start breaking down and release nutrients into the soil. However, be cautious not to apply granular fertilizers too far in advance, as prolonged exposure to moisture can cause them to leach nutrients or lose effectiveness.

  2. Slow-Release Fertilizers: Slow-release fertilizers, such as coated granules or organic fertilizers, release nutrients gradually over an extended period. These fertilizers are less susceptible to nutrient loss through leaching and can be applied further in advance of rainfall. You can apply slow-release fertilizers several days or even weeks before rain or watering, depending on the specific product's instructions.

Regardless of the type of fertilizer used, it's essential to consider the forecasted rainfall intensity. Heavy or prolonged rainfall can lead to nutrient runoff, where fertilizers are washed away from the root zone before plants can absorb them. To minimize nutrient loss, avoid fertilizing just before heavy rain events and consider adjusting the timing of fertilizer application based on weather forecasts. Additionally, always follow the recommended application rates and guidelines provided on the fertilizer packaging to ensure optimal results and minimize environmental impacts.

apply fertilizer
apply fertilizer

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